Service 81Edit

Date Service Changes
11 April 1971 Introduced as a service from Upper Changi Road - New Bridge Road service.
1 September 1986 Skips 1 pair of abolished stops along Tampines Road to facilitate construction of TPE.
23 December 1986 Calls at the merged stop at Tampines Road.
20 September 1987 With the opening of TPE, skips 6 pairs of stops.
23 October 1988 Extended to Tampines Block 123.
30 July 1989 Amended to ply Loyang Ave, Pasir Ris Drive 1 and Elias Rd, skipping TPE.
11 April 1993 Amended to ply Victoria St, Hill St and New Bridge Rd, skipping North Bridge Rd, South Bridge Rd and Neil Rd.
3 September 1996 Amended to ply TPE, skipping Tampines Rd.
10 July 1999 Amended to ply Middle Rd and Victoria St, skipping Waterloo St, Stamford Rd and Bras Basah Rd.
27 July 2003 Shortened to 88 Medway Drive via Hougang Avenue 3, Hougang Avenue 2, Yio Chu Kang Road and Serangoon Garden Way under North East Line Rationalisation Phase 2.
23 June 2007 Amended to ply express sectors along Tampines Service Rd (now known as KPE).
8 August 2017 Operated by Grab.

Service 82Edit

Date Service Changes
11 April 1971 Introduced as a service from Punggol - Shenton Way service.
8 December 1974 Amended to skip Market Street.
15 January 1978 Amended to ply Jalan Sultan, skipping Sumbawa Road.
29 March 1992 Amended to ply Hougang Avenue 2 and Hougang Avenue 10 skipping Hougang Avenue 8 and Punggol Road under MCYS Integration Exercise.
17 December 1995 Operated by Timothy.
29 August 1999 Operated by Ernest (FirstGroup Great Western) and Metroline.
25 November 2002 Skips Punggol Port Road with the closure of Punggol Port Road and expunction of the road.
27 July 2003 Shortened to Montfort School, loop at Punggol Road End and amended to ply Punggol Field, Punggol Pl and Punggol Ctrl under North East Line Rationalisation 2003.
15 November 2006 Amended to loop at Hougang Central.

Service 83Edit

Date Service Changes
11 April 1971 Introduced as a service from Punggol - New Bridge Road service.
20 March 1988 Amended to ply Upp Cross St and New Bridge Rd, skipping Neil Rd.
2 September 1990 Integrated with service 101 and amended to ply Hougang Ave 8, Hougang Ave 2, Yio Chu Kang Link, Yio Chu Kang Rd and Serangoon Central, skipping Upp Serangoon Rd and Punggol Rd.
29 March 1992 Withdrawn under TransitLink Network Integration Exercise Phase 6. The section from Punggol Road End to Hougang Avenue 8 was replaced by service 82 and the section from Hougang Avenue 8 to New Bridge Road was replaced by service 147.
23 December 2001 Re-introduced from Sengkang Block 119C and loop at Punggol Field.

Service 84Edit

Date Service Changes
11 April 1971 Introduced as a service from Upper Serangoon - Hong Lim Complex.
3 February 1974 Extended to Tanjong Pagar Road.
20 January 1980 Extended to Springleaf Tower.
13 June 1982 Amended to ply Aljunied Way and Aljunied Rd.
13 January 1985 Extended to World Trade Centre.
22 May 1995 Shortened to Hougang Blk 607.
23 December 2001 Re-introduced from Sengkang Block 119C and loop at Punggol Field.
15 September 2003 Re-introduced as a peak hour service from Punggol to Punggol East.
12 March 2005 Withdrawn under Punggol LRT (East Loop) rationalisation.

Service 85Edit

Date Service Changes
3 February 1974 Re-numbered from Service 81A as a service between Upp Serangoon Rd 10.5 km Ter and New Bridge Rd Ter under 1974 Bus Rationalisation.
31 January 1977 Amended to ply Jln Kolam Ayer and Kallang Bahru and shortened to loop at Sims Ave.
11 June 1982 Amended to ply Bendemeer Rd and Geylang Bahru, skipping Jln Kolam Ayer.
30 October 1983 Amended to Hougang South.
6 January 1991 Withdrawn under TransitLink Network Integration Exercise Phase 1.
5 December 1999 Renumbered from service 865 from Sengkang Block 119C to World Trade Centre.
1 January 2006 Re-introduced as a service from Punggol to Jalan Tari Dulang.
23 February 2008 Extended to Mimosa View.
14 November 2008 Extended to 106 Lentor Street.
23 May 2010 Amended to serve Jln Kayu, Sengkang West Way & Sengkang East Way towards & from Sengkang East Rd. However, it will continue to ply its existing route via Sengkang East Rd & TPE towards Yishun on Weekdays (excluding Public Holidays) from 0600 to 0900 hours as a one-directional route from Punggol to Yishun known as Service 85#, after which from 0915 hours the service will ply Sengkang East Way, Sengkang West Way & Jln Kayu towards Yishun.

Service 86Edit

It goes from Tampines Way to Shenton Way. It was shortened to Hougang for a short while in 1983 before it was merged with route 97 (Jurong East - Shenton Way).

Service 87 Edit

Introduced on Sunday 19 Sep 1999.
Sengkang - Bedok svc.

On 28th Aug 2011, with the partial closure of Kaki Bukit Ave 1 due to the Downtown MRT Line construction works, this service was amended to Jln Tenaga & Jln Damai.

Service 88 Edit

Introduced on Sunday 28 Feb 1999.
Pasir Ris - Toa Payoh svc (same as Eunice Chok).

Service 89 Edit

Introduced on Sunday 05 Dec 1999.
Hougang Ctrl - Ballota Park svc.

Service 90 Edit

Originally Buona Vista - Paya Lebar Airbase, introduced in 1979.
Withdrawn on 5th November 1989.
Re-introduced on 23rd May 1993 as Toa Payoh - Airport Rd (Loop).

On 4th Sept 2011, this service no longer calls at the bus stop after Moonstone Lane along Serangoon Rd due to the closure of Whampoa North.

Service 91 Edit

Originally Paya Lebar Airport - Prince Edward Road since 1971.
Later was shortened to terminate at Geylang Lor 1 in 1980, replaced by service 94.
Withdrawn on 5th November 1989.

Re-introduced in 1995 as Buona Vista - Ayer Rajah Cres (Loop) service.
Weekdays and Saturdays day service.
Saturdays last bus departure time shortened to 6pm.

On 9 April 2012, this service no longer calling at the bus stop along Ayer Rajah Crescent, in front of the basement foodcourt (bus stop 18039) as it will be demolished.

Service 92 Edit

Originally Paya Lebar Airport - Alexandra Rd (outside Alexandra Hospital). Later extended to loop at Depot Rd.

Extended to Clementi on 28th April 1985.

Merged with service 14 and withdrawn on 23 May 1993.

The number is re-used in Dec 1997, from service M1 as Science Park Dr - Mount Sinai Dr(Loop). It was later extended to call from Ghim Moh Ter and loop at Science Park Dr.

From Monday 26 Nov 2007, short trip Service 92B serves passengers from Ghim Moh Terminal to Science Park Drive(Outside Blk 85) on Weekdays & Sundays.

Service 93 Edit

It existed from Paya Lebar Airport to Bukit Merah, then it was extended to World Trade Centre in 1983.
It was operated from Ang Mo Kio Depot, World Trade Centre - PLAB (Loop).
Amended to terminate at Eunos Int on 23rd May 1993, transferred to Bukit Batok Depot and subsequently to Ayer Rajah Bus Park.

Service 94 Edit

Introduced in 1980, this service goes from Sims Pl to Shenton Way. Withdrawn on 11th June 1989 due to duplication with service 107.
Re-introduced as Eunos - Airport Rd (Loop) service on 5th November 1989.
Used to be a daily full day service.
Later became a Weekdays and Saturdays day service on 23 May 1993.

Service 95 Edit

Originally Clementi - Paya Lebar Airport (Loop). Withdrawn on 13 March 1988 and replaced by 105.
Reintroduced as a Buona Vista - Lower Kent Ridge Rd (NUH)(Loop) service on 15th January 1990.
Also operates on Sundays and Public Holidays from 1996.
Extended to Kent Ridge Ter on 23rd Jul 2001.
Extended to serve Holland Ave and Holland Village in Dec 2006 where Kent Ridge Terminal becomes the start and end point.
On 29th May 2011, this service calls at a new bus stop at Kent Ridge Stn along Lower Kent Ridge Rd.

Service 96 Edit

Clementi - Kent Ridge Cres(Loop).
Extended Sundays and Public Holidays timetable.

Service 97Edit

Date Service Changes
29 August 1983 Introduced as a working day service from Jurong East to Padang.
18 December 1983 Integrated with Service 86, extended to Hougang South and converted to full day service.
16 March 1986 Amended to Jurong East Block 117 (Ivory Heights).
18 December 1988 Integrated with Service 79 and amended to ply Ayer Rajah Expressway (AYE) and Alexandra Rd, skipping Clementi Rd and Pasir Panjang Rd.
17 December 1994 Extended to Hougang Block 607.
27 July 2003 Shortened to Suntec City and amended to ply Esplanade Dr under North East MRT Line Rationalisation Phase 2, skipping Connaught Dr.
29 October 2006 Calls at the new stop at VivoCity.

Service 98 Edit

Originally Jurong East Int - Jurong Int (Loop) which started in 1983.

Amended to ply Jurong West St 51 and Boon Lay Way instead of Jurong West Ave 1 (The sector in between Corporation Road and Jurong West St 51) and Corporation Road (The sector between Jurong West Ave 1 and Boon Lay Way) after the commencement of Lakeside MRT station

With the closure of Jurong house, it was amended to loop at Jln Ahmad Ibrahim.

Integrated with service 247 on 20th January 1991.

On January 1995, the service was operated such that every alternate trip looped at Jln Ahmad Ibrahim during the off peak periods and subsequently those trips were re-numbered to 98A.

On Monday 28 Jan 2008, Service 98A Renamed To Service 98M (Route No Change).

Service 99 Edit

Originally a Jurong East - Boon Lay Gardens (Loop) which started in 1985.

Amended to Clementi - Jurong West St 91 (Loop) on 13 March 1988.

Amended to ply Jurong West Avenue 5 and Jurong West Street 72 instead of Upper Jurong Road and Pioneer Road North on 19 May 1991.

From Sunday 15 July 2007, calls at new bus stop outside Blk 207 along Boon Lay Place.

Service 100Edit

Originally running between Shenton Way and 57 Worthing Road.

Route 100 was extended from Shenton Way to World Trade Centre in 1984 together with route 167. On 20 March 1989, relocated to Medway Drive.

On 5 November 1989, it was extended to Ghim Moh, when route 20 (Bedok - Ghim Moh) withdrawn.

From Saturday 28 April 2007, calls at outside Victoria Concert Hall along Empress Place.