Service 181 Edit

Originally a service between Woodlands and Crawford Street.
An alternate route serving Marina Centre on Sundays & Public Holidays was introduced on 28th Feb 1988.
Amended to terminate at Lor 1 Geylang with the closure of Crawford Street Terminal on 27th Dec 1998 & re-numbered as svc 961.

Re-introduced by SBS Transit on 9th January 2005 as a direct connection between Jurong West Neighhourhood 2 (N2) to the Gek Poh Ville Neighbourhood Centre along Jurong West Ave 5.

Via Boon Lay Int, Jurong West St 64, St 75, Ave 5, Ave 3 (Loop), Ave 5, St 75, St 64 and Boon Lay Int.

Service 182Edit

Marsiling - New Bridge Road
Amended to Shenton Way in 1992.
Amended to Woodlands Interchange in 4 February 1996.
Withdrawn in 1996 due to MRT rationalisation.

Re-introduced as a service from Jurong East - Raffles Marina via Tuas Checkpoint on July 1998.
Jurong East Int, Jurong East St 13, Jurong East Ctrl, Jurong Town Hall Rd, Boon Lay Way, Corporation Rd, Jln Ahmad Ibrahim and Tuas Ter. High heels were introduced after July 1998.

Merged with 183 in May 2002 and also after 2004, it was shortened to terminate at Jurong West Street 52.

Service 183Edit

Originally it goes from Jurong to Hong Lim Complex

Upon completion of the New Bridge Road Terminal, this service was extended to New Bridge Road. The service was subsequently withdrawn in 18 December 1988 with the opening of MRT to Lakeside.

Re-introduced from Tuas to Tuas South Avenue 5 loop service in July 1998.

Extended to Tuas South Avenue 9 on 11 February 2001 as Jurong Industrial Services Rationalisation.

Merged with service 182 and withdrawn in 2002.

Re-introduced as part of Chich Coearn family in 22 August 2004. It ran from Jurong East to Kent Ridge via Toh Guan Road and Commonwealth Avenue West replacing service 507.

Extended to loop at Science Park, on 3 October 2005. She was in Qiaonan Primary School.

Service 184Edit

Bukit Merah - Jurong

Bukit Merah Int, (Bukit Merah Ctrl), Henderson Road, Telok Blangah Road, Pasir Panjang Road, West Coast Highway, Jurong Town Hall Road, Jalan Ahmad Ibrahim, (Jurong Port Road) and Jurong Int.

Merged with service 176 on 1st July 1990 and withdrawn.

Re-introduced as a loop service from Clementi to Ngee Ann Polytechnic (NP) in 1993.

Service 185Edit

Introduced on 31 July 1988. Choa Chu Kang - Shenton Way
Shorten to loop at Bukit Timah Shopping Centre in 1992.
Handed to Timothy in 1999.
Merged with service 989 to service 985 in 2003.

Service 186Edit

Originally a service between Clementi and Telok Ayer (under Telok Ayer Constituency), later to Prince Edward Road and finally to Shenton Way in 1987. Withdrawn on 27th Aug 1989, with the integration of Service 145 and 186 to form Service 145.

Re-introduced as a Shenton Way - Farrer Road service in 1992, when 185 was shortened to Bukit Timah Shopping Centre from Shenton Way.

Extended to St Michael's in 1993.

Service 187Edit

Originally a service from Bukit Merah to City Hall, introduced in 1981. Withdrawn in 1983.

Re-introduced on 11 July 1988, it plies from Bukit Panjang to Jurong Interchange.
On 1st July 1990, amended to Jurong Point.
Handed to Timothy in 1995.
Extended to Woodlands in 1996 with the withdrawal of service 951 as part of the BPLRT Rationalisation.

Service 188Edit

Ulu Pandan - Singapore Conference Hall
Ulu Pandan Ter, Ulu Pandan Road, Holland Road, Napier Road, Tanglin Road, Tiong Bahru Road, Outram Road, Cantonment Road, Keppel Road, Anson Road, Maxwell Road, Shenton Way
Withdrawn in 1987.

Re-introduced on 10th July 1988, it originally plied from Jurong Int to Jurong West St 91[Loop] to serve as a direct link between the new Jurong West N9, Lakeside MRT and Jurong Int.
Later amended to ply Jurong West St 72 and Ave 5 instead of Pioneer Road North.
When Jurong Int was closed, it was amended to start from Jurong Bird Park
Withdrawn on 20th January 1991 together with service 175 that starts from Bukit Batok and loops at Jurong West St 91. Re-introduced again to ply from Choa Chu Kang to World Trade Centre in 1998 using Mitsubishi Tredia.
Handed to Timothy in 26 December 1999.

Service 189Edit

Svc originally plied from Clementi to City Hall which later shortened to Buona Vista Terminal.
In 1985, it was amended to ply Bukit Batok to Marina Centre. Uses Ford Anglia and Toyota Corolla NAC.
Shortened to Clementi in 1990 due to MRT rationalisation. Now uses Volvo 340.
Extended to West Coast Ferry Terminal in 1995. Now still using Mercedes-Benz E-Class.
Handed to Timothy in 2000.
Shortened to Kent Ridge in 2003.

Service 190Edit

Service was originally plying between Jalan Bukit Merah and Prince Edward Road. Withdrawn in June 1979.

Introduced on 10th March 1988 using Ford Escort and Ford Anglia, from Bukit Panjang to New Bridge Road.
Extended to start from Choa Chu Kang in 18 December 1990.
Amended to use PIE and Whitley Rd instead of Jln Anak Bukit/Upp Bukit Timah Rd and Dunearn Rd/Bukit Timah Rd in 1993.
High heels were introduced on May 1993, before Leyland Olympian 3-Axles came in on October 1993
In 1998, it was later declared fully air-con.
Handed to Timothy in July 1999.
In 26 December 1999, amended to ply via Choa Chu Kang Drive, and Teck Whye Avenue instead of Choa Chu Kang Way due to LRT Rationalisation.

Service 191Edit

Clementi to Prince Edward.

Service skips Shenton Way, with the introduction of Service 75 on 15th June 1981, and loops at Nicoll Highway.
Subsequently, this service was amended to loop at North Bridge Rd (Raffles Hotel) on 20th September 1981.

Subsequently, high heel shoes were introduced on 3 January 1982.

Withdrawn in 1985.
Re-introduced in 22 January 1989 between Ghim Moh and Ayer Rajah Camp.

In December 1990, amended to start at Buona Vista with the amendments of route 100 and 111.

Service 192Edit

Originally it goes from Jurong - South Canal Road
Withdrawn in 1988 with the opening of MRT line to Jurong East & Lakeside. It was merged with route 51.

On 6th November 1989, re-introduced as a peak-hour loop service between Tuas Terminal (Pioneer Rd) and Boon Lay Way (Lakeside MRT), with the shortening of service 175.
On 1st July 1990, amended to ply Boon Lay Interchange to and from Lakeside MRT.
On 7th July 1990, amended to skip the entire avenues in Tuas to cover service 175's route.
On 1994, amended to loop at Tuas Avenue 11.
In July 1998, extended to Raffles Marina and downgraded to NAC status. High heels were introduced in early 1999.

Service 193Edit

Originally a service between Upper Bukit Timah Road and Tanjong Pagar Road (Loop).
On 3 February 1974, amended to terminate at Tanjong Pagar Plaza.
In 1978, extended to Upper Bukit Timah Road (Bukit Panjang Circus).
On 1 August 1979, amended to terminate at Cecil Street (MND Building).
On 14 December 1980, amended to start from Princess Elizabeth Terminal.
On 20 January 1985, amended to terminate at Prince Edward Road Terminal.
On 28 June 1987, amended to terminate at Shenton Way.
Withdrawn in 1992 with the closure of Prince Elizabeth Terminal.
Re-introduced in 1994 as a loop service between Boon Lay and Tuas West Dr.
Amended to ply Jurong West St 64 & Jurong West Ave 4 instead of Jln Boon Lay and Upp Jurong Rd in Jan 1998.
In July 1998, amended to terminate at Raffles Marina and in the process, swapped routes with service 192.

Service 194Edit

Originally it goes from Yong Siak Street - South Canal Road
Withdrawn on 3 May 1992 with the closure of South Canal Terminal.

Re-introduced in 1994 from Boon Lay to Jurong Bird Park.

Service 195Edit

Originally a service between Crawford St and Jln Bukit Merah, later extended to loop at Lower Delta Rd.
On 18th December 1988, merged with services 55 and 203 and become a loop service between South Canal and Commonwealth Dr.
Extended to Lau Pa Sat in 3 May 1992 with the closure of South Canal Terminal.
Extended also to serve Marina Centre on 1994, leaving the Lau Pa Sat Terminal intact.
In 3 September 1999, it was amended via High Street and Parliament Place instead of Hill St and Bras Basah Road.

Service 196Edit

Originally a service from Jurong to Shenton Way.
Merged with service 15 in 1982 and extended to Marine Parade
On 1st July 1990, amended to Jurong West Street 51 with the closure of Jurong interchange.
On 28 June 1992, shortened to Buona Vista and extended to Clementi to replace service 148
On 16 September 2001, with the closure of Marine Parade Terminal, it was extended to Bedok South Avenue 3.

Service 197Edit

Originally a service from Jurong to Lorong 1 Geylang.
On 1st July 1990, amended to Jurong West Street 52 with the closure of Jurong interchange.
Merged with service 41 on 7 April 1991 and extended to Bedok.
On 28 June 1992, shortened to terminate at Jurong East (Ivory Heights) with the deleted sectors covered by service 198.

Service 198Edit

Originally a service from Jurong to Sims Drive
On 1st July 1990, amended to Jurong West Street 52 with the closure of Jurong interchange.
Shortened to Jurong East on 7 April 1991.
On 28 June 1992, extended to start at Boon Lay and shortened to terminate at Bukit Merah, with deleted sectors covered by 64 and 197.

Service 199Edit

Originally a service from Jurong to NIE
On 1st July 1990, amended to Jurong West Street 52 with the closure of Jurong interchange.
Amended to skip parts of Nanyang Avenue in 2001 with the introduction of route 179.