Service 1Edit

Date Service Changes
1956 Introduced from Changi Village to Capitol Theatre.
1971 Extended to Delta Circus and renumbered 1.
5 November 1989 Withdrawn.

Service 2Edit

Date Service Changes
1971 Introduced as a service from Changi Village to Clementi Road.
1979 Shortened to Commonwealth Avenue.
28 December 1980 Amended to ply Jln Bt Merah and Queensway instead of Outram Rd, Tiong Bahru Rd, Redhill Rd and Commonwealth Ave.
15 June 1981 Diverted via Loyang Way, Loyang Ave and Changi Village Rd with the partial closure of Upper Changi Road.
29 November 1992 Shortened to terminate at People's Park Complex under TransitLink Integration Exercise.
1993 Became partial air-con service.
11 April 1993 Amended to ply Jln Sultan, Victoria St, Hill St and New Bridge Rd, skipping South Bridge Rd and Neil Rd.
3 July 1994 Amended to ply Kallang Rd and Victoria St, skipping Crawford St and North Bridge Rd.

Service 3Edit

Date Service Changes
1974 Introduced as a service from Changi Village to Delta East Primary School.
1975 Amended to ply Tiong Bahru Rd and extended Zion Rd towards Delta East Primary School, with the partial conversion of Kim Seng Rd and Zion Road to one-way road.
27 February 1977 Shortened to Harvey Crescent.
8 April 1979 Shortened to Bedok Block 110. At the same time, shortened to New Bridge Road and converted to express service.
12 January 1986 Converted to trunk service and express sector abolished.
26 January 1987 Extended to Jurong East via Jln Bukit Merah, Queensway, Commonwealth Avenue, Commonwealth Avenue West, Boon Lay Way and Jurong East Central. Slight amendment via Upp Cross St and New Bridge Rd, instead of Neil Rd, towards Jurong East.
5 November 1988 Diverted via Jln Bt Merah, Alexandra Rd, AYE and Jurong Town Hall Rd due to Car-MRT Rationalisation, instead of Jln Bukit Merah, Queensway, Commonwealth Avenue, Commonwealth Avenue West and Boon Lay Way.
6 January 1991 Withdrawn due to TransitLink Integration Exercise.
7 April 2002 Re-introduced to ply from Tampines St 11 to White Sands on 7 April 2002 replacing route 294.
13 January 2011 Extended to Punggol Waterway.
20 June 2014 Extended to Waterway Point.

Service 4Edit

This service originally goes from Bedok to Moulmein Road (Loop).
Was extended from Moulmein Rd to terminate at St Michael's Terminal on 31 July 1988.
Integrated with route 19, plying from Pasir Ris to St Michael's in 1989.
Amended to ply Tampines - St Michael's in 29 November 1992.
St Michael's - Tampines
- St Michael's Ter, Whampoa Rd, Jalan Bahagia, Kim Keat Rd, Balestier Rd, Thomson Rd, Moulmein Rd, Balestier Rd, (Serangoon Rd), Boon Keng Rd, Geylang Lor 1, Sims Ave, Sims Ave East, New Upp Changi Rd, Bedok Nth Ave 3, Bedok Reservoir Rd, Tampines Ave 1, Ave 2, St 11.
- And return via Tampines Int, (Tampines Ctrl 1 and 2), Tampines Ave 5, Ave 1, Bedok Reservoir Rd, Bedok Nth Ave 3, New Upp Changi Rd, Changi Rd, Geylang Rd, (Kallang Rd), Geylang Lor 1, Boon Keng Rd, Bendemeer Rd, Balestier Rd, Moulmein Rd, Thomson Rd, Balaestier Rd, Whampoa Dr, Jalan Bahagia, Whampoa Rd, St Michael's Ter.

Integrated with svc 21 and withdrawn in 1993.

This service was re-introduced on 17 March 2013 under the LTA's Bus Service Enhancement Programme (BSEP), and plies between Tampines Int and Changi North Way.

Service 5Edit

This service originally goes from Bedok (Anglican High School) to Upper Bukit Timah Road.
1979: Shortened to terminate at Lorong 1 Geylang with the new route 9.
1985: Extended to Bukit Panjang (Zhenghua).
Before: Used to ply via Queensway, Commonwealth Avenue, Alexandra Road, Ganges Avenue and Havelock Road.
1992: Amended to ply Margaret Drive, and Alexandra Road.
1995: Handed to Timothy.
26 December 1999: Withdrawn.

Service re-introduced from Pasir Ris to Bukit Merah on 11 March 2007.

Shortened to Changi City Point on 6 November 2011.

Service 6Edit

This service goes from Bedok to New Bridge Road.
Withdrawn in 1983 and replaced by route 3.

Re-introduced from Bukit Panjang and terminating at Orchard since 18 July 1992.

Service 7Edit

This service is originally a semi-express service from Bedok to Dempsey Road (CMPB Carpark).
Extended to Clementi in 1982 followed by Jurong East in 20 December 1984.
Converted to local service in 29 August 1985.
Route was cut short to terminate at Clementi on 7 April 1991. Amended via Clementi Ave 5 instead of Commonwealth Ave West and Clementi Ave 2.
Shortened to Marina Centre in 23 June 2007.

Service 8Edit

Original service was a semi-express route day service between Bedok Interchange and Robinson Road.
Route changed to go via ECP between Bedok South Ave 1 and Prince Edward Rd but returning via St Andrew’s Rd, Beach Rd, Bras Basah Rd, Nicoll Highway, Moutbatten Rd, Fort Rd, ECP and Bedok South Ave 1.
1987: Return trip amended via Suntec City before going to ECP. Withdrawn in 1989.
Re-introduced from Pasir Ris to Toa Payoh in 1989.
It was amended to ply Tampines - Toa Payoh in 1992.
Route was amended in 1995 (opening of Temasek Polytechnic) to ply:
- (Direction 1) Tampines Ave 1, (Ave 10), Bedok North Rd, Bedok Reservoir Rd instead of Tampines Ave 1, Bedok Reservoir Rd. - (Direction 2) Bedok Reservoir Rd, Bedok North Rd, (Tampines Ave 10), Ave 1 instead of Bedok Reservoir Rd, Tampines Ave 1.

Service 9 Edit

Original route was between Lor 1 Geylang and Changi Point (Village).
1981: Breakup of Upp Changi Rd due to Changi Airport construction caused it to be amended via Loyang Ave and Loyang Way.
Integration with 391. Route extended to loop at Changi Airport Cargo Complex.
1987: Amended via Upp Changi Rd East, Simei Rd, Tampines St 31, Ave 2, Ave 7, Loyang Ave. Skipped Bedok Rd, Upp Changi Rd and Loyang Way in both directions.
29th November 1992: Cut short to start from Bedok Interchange due to duplication of Svc 2 and MRT (Kallang - Bedok). Route was amended to ply:
- (Direction 1) Upper Changi Rd East, Simei Ave, Simei St 3, Simei Rd instead of Upper Changi Rd East, Simei Rd.
- (Direction 2) Simei Rd, Simei St 3, Simei Ave, Upper Changi Rd East instead of Simei Rd, Upper Changi Rd East.
Route was again amended to ply:
- (Direction 1) New Upper Changi Rd, Bedok Rd, Upp Changi Rd, Simei Ave.
- (Direction 2) Simei Ave, Upp Changi Rd, Bedok Rd, New Upper Changi Rd.
On 19 November 2011, it was amended to call at the bus stops outside Bedok Station on both directions due to the opening of Bedok Temp Interchange.

Service 10Edit

This service originally goes from Serangoon Gardens to Jurong.
1984: Was shifted from Serangoon Gardens to Tampines Avenue 5
25 March 1987: Was extended to Tampines when Ernest Mok’s family moved to Tampines St 11.
1990: Was shortened to terminate at Clementi when Jurong was closed.
Route was amended to ply via Mountbatten Road, Old Airport Road, Dunman Road, Tanjong Katong Road, and Mountbatten Road.
Was further shortened to ply to Kent Ridge in 1999 when service 189 was introduced.

Service 11Edit

This service originally goes from Serangoon Gardens to New Bridge Road.
It was withdrawn on 23 October 1988.
Re-introduced back to ply from Lor 1 Geylang to Kallang Park on 14th April 1990.
Route was amended to ply Mountbatten Rd, (Nicoll Highway), Stadium Rd, Stadium Boulevard, Mountbatten Rd instead of Mountbatten Rd, Stadium Boulevard, u-turn at roundabout and return via Stadium Boulevard, Mountbatten Rd.
Route was again amended due to building of the Circle Line, to ply along Stadium Rd, Stadium Walk, Stadium Boulevard.
With opening of Sims Way, route was amended to ply:
- (Direction 1) Sims Ave, Sims Way, (Nicoll Highway) instead of (Lor 1 Geylang), Mountbatten Rd, (Nicoll Highway).
- (Direction 2) Mountbatten Rd, Sims Way, Geylang Rd.

Service 12Edit

This service originally goes from Serangoon Gardens to Commonwealth Avenue.
Was shortened to terminate at New Bridge Road to replace the lost link of service 11 in 23 October 1988 and shifted from Serangoon Gardens to Pasir Ris.
1994: Amended to ply via Victoria Street, Hill Street and New Bridge Road, instead of Kallang Road, Crawford Street, North Bridge Road, South Bridge Road and Neil Road.
With the opening of Sims Way, amended to ply via Mountbatten Road, Sims Way, Geylang Road/Sims Avenue, instead of Mountbatten Road, Sims Avenue/Geylang Road.

Service 13Edit

This service originally goes from Bedok Road to Commonwealth Avenue.
1978: Shortened to terminate at Kampong Chai Chee.
With the closure of Chai Chee Terminus in 1985, it was extended to start at Bedok.
On 12 April 1987, shortened to terminate at Eunos.
On 5 November 1989, it went to Yio Chu Kang with the withdrawal of service 20.
On 2 September 1990, amended to ply Bishan Street 22.
1992: Extended to Marine Parade. It was extended to Upper East Coast (Roland Chan's house) in 2001.

Service 14Edit

This service originally goes from Serangoon Gardens to Commonwealth Avenue.
Shortened to Bukit Merah in 1979, and amended via Napier Rd, Holland Rd, Queensway, Jln Bt Merah, Henderson Rd, Bt Merah Ctrl and terminating Bt Merah Interchange..
23 October 1988: Extended to Changi Village with the closure of Worthing Road.
1992: Shortened to Bedok instead of Changi Village.
1993: Integration of service 92 and extended to Clementi. High heels were introduced since 1993.

Service 15Edit

Originally service 15 goes from Marine Terrace to Shenton Way since 1977. Combined with 196 around 1982.
Re-introduced in 2003 between Zi Teng House and TPS E-Hub.

Service 16 Edit

This service originally ply between Bukit Merah Interchange and Marine Parade Terminal. Merged with Service 149 and extended to Changi Airport PTB in 1993.
In 1994, introduced Express Service 16E, which plies along ECP. Express Service 16E was renumbered Sv 36 in 1998.
In Sep 1998, shortened back to Marine Parade terminal with the amendments of Svc 36 to Changi Airport PTB.
Amended to loop at Siglap Link on 16th Sept 2001 with the closure of Marine Parade Terminal.
In Feb 2002, amended to ply Stadium Walk/Cres due to construction of Circle Line.
From Sunday 19 August 2007, extended to Bedok Interchange via Upper East Coast Rd, Bedok South Ave 1, Bedok South Rd & Bedok North Ave 1.
On 29th September 2010, Service 16 was amended to Mountbatten Rd skipping bus stops along Stadium Blvd, Stadium Cres, Stadium Rd & Stadium Walk due to the construction of Singapore Sports Hub.

Service 17Edit

Service 17 originally goes from Changi Point to Prince Edward Road.
Re-introduced between Pasir Ris and Bedok since 1993.
When feeder 227 in 2002 was withdrawn, it was converted to double-deck high heel operation in 20 June 2003 together with Tampines Line (began operation).

Service 18Edit

Before Tampines Blk 123 was opened, it was actually Bedok - Tampines Street 22 service which had introduced on 25 August 1984.

Extended to Tampines Int when it opened and ply via Tampines Ave 2, and Street 11, skipping Tampines St 22 totally and becoming a loop service between Tampines and Bedok Interchanges on 29 January 1988. High heels were introduced along the route from 1988 to 2002.

Service 19Edit

Plies between Pasir Ris and Bedok when it first introduced in 19 June 1988. Merged with service 4 in 1990.
Re-introduced again on 1992, when service 29 was shortened from Changi Airport Cargo Complex to Changi Village.
Became partial air-con in 1998 and moved to fully air-con in 2004.

Service 20Edit

This service existed three times.
This service originally plies between Fidelio Street and Commonwealth Avenue, before changing to Kampong Chai Chee - Ghim Moh in 1975 and subsequently Bedok Int - Ghim Moh in 1980.

In the 80s, there were alternate trips (in the direction of Ghim Moh only): from Fidelio St, alternate trips ply via 1) Siglap Rd, Changi Rd and back to normal route to Ghim Moh. (no distinctive markings on the side service plates)
2) Siglap Rd, Siglap Dr, Frankel Ave and back to Changi Rd normal route to Ghim Moh.

Trips plying Frankel Ave have distinctive yellow bold text marked "FRANKEL" in both English and Chinese text on both left and right sides of the service number on the side service plates. The service plates in the early 1980s contain just the terminal name and the service number in very large font, without indicating the roads served.

All return trips to Bedok will not serve Frankel estate. Green and white coloured side service plates were utilized to distinguish the direction of travel. Green denotes towards Ghim Moh & white denotes towards Bedok Int.

The Bedok - Ghim Moh route was withdrawn in 5 November 1989 due to MRT Rationalisation.

Re-introduced again in 1994 as a loop service between Sims Place Terminal and St. George's Estate.
Use Mercedes-Benz 811D minibus in the past.
Merged with Service 125 in 2000 and withdrawn.

Re-introduced on 9 June 2013 under the LTA's Bus Service Enhancement Programme (BSEP), this service plies between Azalea Park and Changi Business Park.